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I had already posted here once, but received no reply. Now I have a solution to the problem, but maybe there is a better solution.

My sieve-client makes contact with dbmail-sieved and then the connection is broken. I've searched the Internet and found the following note:

It is an error in dbmail.2.2.18. He is corrected in version 3. But we must continue to work with version 2.2.18.

I've found on the Internet that you can correct this error. You must change two lines in the file /usr/lib/php/Net/Sieve.php. The new lines will look like this:

if (preg_match ('/{([0-9]+)\+?}$/',$line,$matches)){

Important is to insert \+?

But it would be better if the error could be corrected in dbmail-timsieved.


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Since 3.1.17, I've noticed that timsieved, consumes alow of memory,
comparing it with POP3 for example.

Pop3d has maybe 900% more usage than timsieved,

<> dbmail-timsieved


1d 0h 8m


1.2% [192.8 MB]

dbmail-pop3d <>


1d 7h 50m


0.3% [54.8 MB]

Any ideia or something that I can do to track it?