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behavior when losing database connection
My dbmail-imapd daemon died, because it tried to store a message
bigger than max_allowed_packet setting in MySQL. I would expect it to
rollback that transaction instead of dying, but it probably took some
time processing it and hit wait_timeout.

If this happens, I think the better behavior would be to try and
reconnect to the database, at least a couple of times, before dying.

Apr 13 10:30:23 dbmail-lmtpd[17011]: [0x1c39f40] Warning:[clientbase]
ci_readln(+415): insane line-length [72453]
Apr 13 10:33:31 dbmail-imapd[16948]: [0xc03d10] Error:[message]
blob_exists(+170): SQLException: Got a packet bigger than
'max_allowed_packet' bytes
Apr 13 10:33:32 dbmail-imapd[16948]: [0xc03d10] Error:[message]
blob_insert(+207): SQLException: Lost connection to MySQL server
during query
SQLException: MySQL server has gone away
raised in Connection_rollback at src/db/Connection.c:274

Also, is there a way to set mysql connection flags in dbmail?
specifically CLIENT_INTERACTIVE. I can't increase wait_timeout, but i
could use interactive_timeout which is set much higher.
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