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Found [16] un-cached physmessages

Nearly since migration to dbmail i get "Found [16] un-cached physmessages."
At the begin there was 10 increased now to 16
dbmail-util -c -t -u -b -p -d -y

2.2.13 does not fix this and i do not really know what this means
and how get it away

Repairing DBMAIL messageblocks integrity...
Ok. Found [0] unconnected messageblks.

Repairing DBMAIL physmessage integrity...
Ok. Found [0] unconnected physmessages.

Repairing DBMAIL message integrity...
Ok. Found [0] unconnected messages.

Repairing DBMAIL mailbox integrity...
Ok. Found [0] unconnected mailboxes.

Repairing DBMAIL for NULL messages...
Ok. Found [0] NULL messages.

Checking DBMAIL for NULL physmessages...
Ok. Found [0] physmessages without messageblocks.

Deleting messages with DELETE status...
Ok. [0] messages deleted.

Repairing DBMAIL for rfcsize field...
Ok. Found [0] missing rfcsize values.

Repairing DBMAIL for incorrect is_header flags...
Ok. Found [0] incorrect is_header flags.

Repairing DBMAIL for cached envelopes...
Ok. Found [0] missing envelope values.

Repairing DBMAIL for cached header values...
Ok. Found [16] un-cached physmessages.
Setting DELETE status for deleted messages...
Ok. [0] messages set for deletion.
Re-calculating used quota for all users...
Ok. Used quota updated for all users.

Vacuuming and optimizing database...
Ok. Database cleaned up.

Maintenance done. Errors were found and fixed.
We suggest running dbmail-util again to confirm that all errors were repaired.


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Re: Found [16] un-cached physmessages [ In reply to ]
On Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2009 Reindl Harald wrote:
> Nearly since migration to dbmail i get "Found [16] un-cached
> physmessages." At the begin there was 10 increased now to 16
That's a bug. Skip -b and ignore it. I wanted to do a fixup but didn't
have time so far. IIRC it's about dbmail-util -b inserting headers that
already exist and it breaks in the middle. See the thread about it on
march 17, 2009.

It doesn't affect anything, so it's not important. Some indices should
be cleaned up.

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