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Problem with python api caldav-0.4.0 on davical
Hello Davical-Team!

I have moved our davical server to version now.
Was there any change in handling requests via caldav.php in this version?

With davical our Scripts are not working any more.
(creating some sum-calenders from user-calendars for some groups)

We are using for this.
We like to read calendars whit a common user (which has read access to the collections).
For example the following command is working for the old and for the new server:

# wget

With python this looks like this:

URL = ""
client_sum = caldav.DAVClient(URL)
principal_sum = client_sum.principal()

When I print principal_sum, I get:
- on old server: [Calendar(]
- on new server: [Calendar(]

This means, that on the new server, I get the calendar from the user I'm using for authentication
and not the collection I like to have.

In python I also tried:
client_sum = caldav.DAVClient("", None, "USER1", "pass1")
There is no difference.

When I use wget with the same urls, it is working fine.
This could be also a bug in python caldav-0.4.0 of course

Has anybody used the python api with davical



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