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Davical1.1.1-1: Couldn't contact LDAP server for authentication
Hi all,

I want to install al CalDAV-Server for our company.
I am using a fresh Debian 7.7 with the Debian default PostgreSQL, Apache
und Davical. With the default admin user I am able to log in.
So far, so good.

Now I want to connect the Davical to our central LDAP-Server.
My config looks like:

$c->domain_name = "";
$c->sysabbr = 'DAViCal';
$c->admin_email = '';
$c->system_name = "company Calendar Server";
$c->pg_connect[] = 'dbname=davical port=5432 user=davical_app';
$c->default_locale = 'de_DE';
$c->dbg["ALL"] = 1;

$c->authenticate_hook['call'] = 'LDAP_check';
$c->authenticate_hook['config'] = array(
'host' => '',
'port' => '389',
'bindDN'=> 'cn=mail,ou=apps,dc=company,dc=de',
'passDN'=> 'password',
'protocolVersion' => '3',
'baseDNUsers'=> 'ou=staff,dc=company,dc=de',
'filterUsers' => '(objectClass=mailUser)',
'mapping_field' => array('username' => 'uid',
'fullname' => 'cn',
'email' =>'mail'),
'default_value' => array("date_format_type" => "E","locale" =>
'format_updated'=> array('Y' => array(0,4),'m' => array(4,2),'d'=>
array(6,2),'H' => array(8,2),'M'=>array(10,2),'S' => array(12,2)),
'scope' => 'subtree'
$c->do_not_sync_from_ldap = array( 'admin' => true );


But now when I try to log in via Web-Interface I just get an empty white
page and the apache.log says:

DAViCal: ***: ERROR:Couldn't contact LDAP server for authentication,

Thats it.
The main Problem is, Davical dont try to contact the LDAP-Server. A
tcpdump on this mashine dont show any packets to Server

Any Idea why Davical dont try to connect the LDAP-Server? Is there any
missing parameter in the config? Is there a parsing error of the config?

Thanks a lot

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