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"Load From File" Bug

I recently tried to import an .ics file using the web interface "Load
From File" option. The import crashed (reproducibly) at some point and
only a completetely empty page was returned. Davical version is

Stepping thru the code I found that the problem occurs at line 338 of
inc/caldav-PUT-functions.php in function do_scheduling_request, which in
turn is called at line 599 in function import_collection.

The code in do_scheduling_request reads

if ( $email == $request->principal->email() ) {

but $request is not set at this point.

The statement is not always executed, only if there are attendees for a
particular import event, so the bug might have gone unnoticed so far. I
replaced it by

if ( isset($request) && ($email == $request->principal->email()) ) {

and now it works for me. But it might be wiser to set $request somewhere.

Cheers, Peter

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