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relation "time_zone" does not exist on upgrade

I just upgraded to davical on Ubuntu and got the following
error message.

WARNING: no privileges were granted for "dav_id_seq"
DBD::Pg::db do failed: ERROR: relation "time_zone" does not exist at
/usr/share/davical/dba/update-davical-database line 400, <PERMS> line 63.

I did a few experiments and is seems to be related to the following
lines in /usr/share/davical/dba/appuser_permissions.txt

ON time_zone

The latest database update removes that table but it seems that
appuser_permissions.txt has not been modified to match.

I think that the correct way to fix this is to just remove those lines
from appuser_permissions.txt (or prepend the 2 lines with # to turn them
into non-executable comments).
I tried this and re-ran the database upgrade scripts and it worked for me.

I checked in the project git repository and it doesn't look like that
has been fixed yet

Obviously please take my "information" with a pinch of salt until
someone who knows the code/database in depth can confirm or suggest an
alternative resolution.



P.S. I can see a few similar messages in the davical-general archives
but I can't see a solution in there (I was not subscribed to the list
prior to today so apologies if I missed something).

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