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Release date for DAViCal 0.9.8
On 25/11/09 21:13, Norbert P?schel wrote:
> PS: Do you have a release date for 0.9.8 yet?
The server parts of the code are pretty much feature complete for what I
want it to do and I'm now working on the UI side of things which needs
some significant rewrites to maintain the new structure of groups and
grants, including grants on collections and maintaining some of the more
advanced settings that calendar collections now support.

At present I have rewritten much of the handling for editing a user,
including modifying group memberships and maintaining permission grants.

My plan is to release in mid December, and I think I'm fairly much on
track for that. The Git HEAD is pretty stable now and I'll be looking
for volunteers to start testing stuff from next week, although you're
all welcome to start testing things now, too :-)

Some circumstances I will particularly be looking for testing help will be:
* PostgreSQL 8.1 users
* LDAP users

It would be helpful to get some copies of databases with complex sets of
relationships too, so I can confirm the conversion process works
correctly in a wide variety of situations. Please e-mail me off-list if
you can help with any of that, but leave it for a few days since I can't
really react appropriately while I'm at the Open Source Developers
Conference in Brisbane at the moment :-)


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