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conserver-7.0.1 released
Again, it took longer for me to get this out than expected. Sorry
folks. Good thing is compilation for *BSD type systems should be
easier (FreeBSD for sure, hopefully OpenBSD, etc). Thanks to all those
contributing patches. I have a couple others for 7.0.2, so if you
don't see yours here, it should be in the next release.

Oh, why did it take longer, you may ask? I'm travelling around Ireland
and England. Spending a little quality time in an Internet Cafe
allowed me to get this out the door. Fun, huh? ;-)

version 7.0.1 (May 3, 2001):
- 8bit on by default now (use --disable-8bit for old behavior)
- FreeBSD patches by Bill Fenner <>
(hopefully *BSD systems will compile cleaner now)
- Bad error reporting on getsockopt() found by Bill Fenner
- PID file patch by Martin Andrews <>

Bryan Stansell