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Regularly happening false-positive signed by microsoft ??
Hallo !

Regularly - this means - 2-4 times a week, I see
a message like this:

The following files are Digitally Signed by Microsoft Corporation and may
have been incorrectly detected as viruses:
5db4.clamtmp: [Win.Worm.Chir-1204] FALSE POSITIVE FOUND
Please do not be alarmed and help us by submitting the files identified
above as FALSE POSITIVE at

Because I see it "late", each time I try to access
the file and delete it, it is not there. How can
this be >> Digitally Signed by Microsoft Corporation<< ???

That looks that stranege to me, that I see the
update process in danger !??

I am running Windows Server 2008 R2, english
My pattern files are up to date.

What is always a bad decision too, is, to let a (one) virus
scanner use a general temp directory. Regard: Virus
scanner are never something 100% and so, using a
usual temp directory will probably cause another
scanner to fire. Haveing a separate directory for
clamwin - only for itself - would be a better solution.

Any help would be great !

Best regards,


I tried to send a bug to
Also my registration succeeds, I can never create
a new bug - there is something strange. Waht is
even bad: No conact mail is given! So, this results
in a blocking situation ....