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Re: [exim] Reminder: ClamAV 0.95 minimum from 2010-04-15
Hi All

Please see post (to another list) below. Do I take it this applies to Win32
version as well ? 99% sure it does but thought I'd check.

Many thanks


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Sent: Thursday, April 08, 2010 3:02 AM
Subject: [exim] Reminder: ClamAV 0.95 minimum from 2010-04-15

> While I can't gather stats on which scanners are deployed at Exim
> installs, I think it reasonable to assume that *many* installs make use
> of ClamAV.
> The developers today sent a reminder to the clamav-announce
> mailing-list [†], stating:
> this is a reminder that starting from 15 April 2010 our CVD will contain
> a special signature which disables all clamd installations older than
> 0.95 - that is to say older than 1 year.
> I'd really rather not face a flood of complaints on exim-users from
> April 15th that ClamAV has broken and asking for help debugging it. I
> suspect that my hope is forlorn and that even the careful inclusion of
> words in this mail, to match search-engines, won't help with people who
> post to lists asking for help without doing basic research themselves
> first. But hey, I'll pile in the keywords anyway. And if you found
> this message by searching, then: "Thank You! You rock!"
> Ways to check the version of ClamAV:
> $ clamdscan --version
> $ clamscan --version
> $ exim -be '${readsocket{inet:}{VERSION}}'
> $ exim -be '${readsocket{/var/run/clamav/clamd}{VERSION}}'
> Regards,
> -Phil
> † Yes, that's a hint to subscribe to the announce lists of software you
> care about
> Keyword fodder:
> Exim; exim broken; anti-virus scanner; AV scanner; exim won't detect
> viruses; why is Exim not working with ClamAV any more? Help, Exim
> virus-scanning is broken. How do I fix virus-scanning in Exim? What's
> happened to my virus-scanning in Exim? Exim broke today.
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