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Update (daily: 122)
ClamAV database updated (2004.02.05 23:22 GMT): daily.cvd, viruses.db2
Version: 122

Submission: 436-web, 938-web
Sender: Rene
Virus: JS/Fortnight.gen@M
Added: JS.Fortnight.Enc-QP
Note: This is to detect quoted-printable form of JS.Fortnight.Enc, though it was already detected with --mbox

Submission: 958
Sender: Bruno Treguier
Submitted virus name: Unknown Virus
Added: Trojan.Spy.Paypal.A
Note: This submission was done in "daily.cvd 120" but now another sig. was added for direct detecting of decoded form. The previous sig. is renamed Trojan.Spy.Paypal.A-QP

Submission: 975-web, 976-web
Sender: Glen Willms
Virus: WORM_AGOBOT.CQ (Trend)
Alias: Win32.HLLW.Agobot (Drweb)
Added: Worm.Gaobot.CQ

Submission: 977-web
Sender: mike tancsa
Virus: unknown
Alias: W32/Mimail-T (Sophos), Win32.HLLM.Foo (Drweb)
Added: Worm.Mimail.T
Added: Worm.Mimail.T-unp

Submission: 979-web
Sender: Marco Steinacher
Virus: TR/URLSpoof.P (Hbedv)
Added: Trojan.URLspoof.P

Submission: 980-web
Sender: Richard Kirkcaldy
Virus: I-Worm.Hawawi.g
Alias: W32/Holar-I (Sophos), Trojan.MulDrop.510 (Drweb), Worm/Hawawi.G.Exp (Hbedv)
Added: No. Worm.Galil.C detected after making the message structure correct.

Submission: 981-web
Sender: Vanja Cvelbar
Virus: BDS/Agobot.3.66647 (Hbedv)
Alias: Win32.HLLW.Agobot (Drweb)
Added: Worm.Gaobot.3.66647

Submission: 57-mail
Sender: Pierre
Virus: Worm.SCO.A undetected in mail messages
Added: No. Worm.Dumaru.Y found with devel-20040203 even without extracting parts.

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