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Update (daily: 112)
ClamAV database updated (2004.01.29 10:05 GMT): daily.cvd, viruses.db2
Version: 112

Submission: 841-web
Sender: mauritz
Virus: MyDoom
Added: No. Damaged zipfile.

Submission: 842-web
Sender: Jason Parsons
Virus: W32.Novarg.A@MM
Added: No. Worm.SCO.A found in the bounce. Try newer version of ClamAV.

Submission: 844-web, 846-web, 856-web
Sender: Kevin Shanahan, AJ, Oliver Blaha
Virus: unknown
Alias: W32/Mimail-S (Sophos), Win32.HLLM.Foo (Drweb), W32.Mimail.R@mm (Symantec)
Added: Worm.Mimail.R

Submission: 845-web
Sender: Patrick Schmidt
Virus: W32/MyDoom@MM
Added: No. Worm.SCO.A found.
Note: Oh, no! 37 unneeded samples, wasting our time and 870 KB! :-((

Submission: 847-web
Sender: Wolfgang Schinagl
Virus: unknown
Added: No. List of email addresses with binary junk.

Submission: 847-web (sic!)
Sender: Torsten Schroder
Virus: false positive of Joke.CokeGift
Added: n/a. Not removed. Not false. The sample is really infected. We already told it 2 days ago.

Submission: 849-web, 851-web, 852-web, 853-web, 855-web
Sender: Damien laureaux, marco maria leoni, nico baggus
Virus: w32.Mimail@mm etc.
Added: No. Worm.SCO.A found.
Note: All: stop sending Worm.SCO.A samples!!!!!!!!
Note: Due to similar submissions, adding new signatures is late!

Submission: 854-web
Sender: Jo Mills
Virus: false positive of Necronic.4943
Added: n/a.
Note: the false sig was removed in "daily 104" on 2004.01.26. Please refresh your database.

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