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Update (daily: 88)
ClamAV database updated (2004.01.16 20:18 GMT): daily.cvd, viruses.db2
Version: 88

Submission: 597-web
Sender: mcse
Virus: W32/Parite
Added: Not yet. Queued.

Submission: 602-web
Sender: Trog
Virus: Worm.Southpak
Alias: mIRC/Southpak (Sophos), HLLW.Southpak (F-Prot), HLLW.Lepha.32574 (Drweb)
Added: Worm.IRC.Southpak.2

Submission: 603-web
Sender: Trog
Note: Signatures from Trog, some were modified.
Virus: Worm.Linux.Ramen
Alias: HTML/Ramon.component (F-Prot)
Added: No. Harmless HTML file.
Virus: Worm.P2P.Sadic
Alias: VBS.Generic.229 (Drweb), Bat/Sadic-A (F-Prot)
Added: Worm.Bat.InnerFire
Virus: Worm.SQL.Slammer
Alias: W32/SQLSlam-A (Sophos), Win32.SQL.Slammer.376 (Drweb)
Added: Worm.W32.SQL.Slammer
Virus: Worm.Win32.Fozer
Alias: W32/Fozer-A (Sophos), BAT.Generic.51 (Drweb)
Added: Worm.Bat.Fozer

Submission: n/a
Sender: Tomasz Papszun
Virus: TR/StartPage.AW (Hbedv)
Added: Trojan.W32.Startpage.EasyWWW

Submission: n/a
Sender: Tomasz Papszun
Virus: TR/DotComToolBar.B (Hbedv)
Added: Trojan.W32.DotComToolbar.B

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