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Submission: 913
Sender: Jacques Distler
Virus name:
Added: No, Worm.Galil.C detected
Note: Sorry, due to a temporary problem in our submission interface I
can't see your description but I suppose (I can see only the
submitted sample) it's a bug report for clamav-milter. If so
please send it to bugs (at)

Submission: 912
Sender: A.v.Heydwolff
Virus name:
Added: No, Worm.Mimail.I detected

Submission: 911
Sender: Pavel Dobias
Virus name: false positive VBS/Haptime.A with the Panda Anti-Virus
virus database
Added: The signature will be fixed with the next update of main.cvd.
Note: Panda's virus database contains a raw virus metadata and this is
bad !

Submission: 910
Sender: Pavel Dobias
Virus name: false positive of JS.Fortnight.Enc
Added: No, submitted file is INFECTED, but some scanners still miss
this Fortnight variant.

Submission: 909
Sender: Christoph
Virus name:
Added: VBS.Shitsplorer

Submission: 908
Sender: Craig Taylor
Virus name:
Added: No, a java script in the submitted html file is not

Submission: 907
Sender: Christoph
Virus name:
Added: Worm.IRC.Bot.A

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