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ClamAV database updated (2003.11.05 23:30 GMT): viruses.db, viruses.db2

Submission: n/a
Sender: Jo Mills, Nicholas Chua
Virus: false positive Trojan.Dropper.Senna
Added: n/a; removed
Note: Trojan.Dropper.Senna signature removed from viruses.db (false positive).

Submission: 801-web, 817-web
Sender: Alistair Riddel, Mark Allan
Virus: W97M.Melissa.gen@mm
Added: W97M.Melissa.B (signature based on signature from Mark Allan).

Submission: 839-web
Sender: Jacek Nowosielski
Virus: n/a; zip file problem
Added: n/a
Note: Not a problem. Worm.Mimail.G is successfully found in the sample.

Submission: 840-web
Sender: Miguel Koren
Virus: W32.Mimail.G@mm
Added: No. Worm.Mimail.G found.

Submission: 841-web
Sender: Christoph
Virus: keylog-hothook
Added: Trojan.Hotkey

Submission: 842-web
Sender: Farit
Virus: Macro.Word97.Layla.b
Added: Not yet. Queued.

Submission: 843-web
Sender: Teun Vink
Virus: unknown
Added: No. Not a virus. Garbage sent by a virus.

Submission: 844-web
Sender: Jose Luis Gazoli
Virus: Worm.Mimail.C
Added: No. Worm.Mimail.C found.
Note: The reason of not stopping it is MailScanner's behaviour.

Submission: 845-web
Sender: Christoph
Virus: W32.Funlove.4099
Added: n/a
Note: It's not a mistake that ClamAV detects Worm.Gibe.F. The file is infected both by Worm.Gibe.F and W32.Funlove.4099.

Submission: 846-web
Sender: Jason
Virus: W32/Mimail.c@MM
Added: No. Worm.Mimail.C found.

Submission: 847-web
Sender: Max
Virus: Mimail.c
Added: No. Worm.Mimail.C found.

Submission: 848-web
Sender: Wojciech Kunda
Virus: any Mimail
Added: No. Worm.Mimail.G found.

Submission: 849-web
Sender: Farit
Virus: Macro.Word97.Cooldown.b
Added: Not yet. Queued.

Submission: 850-web
Sender: Farit
Virus: Macro.Word97.Nori.f
Added: Not yet. Queued.

Submission: 851-web
Sender: sergio
Virus: eicar
Added: No. Eicar-Test-Signature found.
Note: Hmmm... Do you think we haven't enough work yet?

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