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Update (daily 609)
ClamAV database updated (2004.11.26 20:25 GMT): daily.cvd
Version: 609

Submission: 7105-web, 7109-web
Sender: Reynaldo Martinez, Rafael Nuñez
Submitted virus name: Worm.Pawur.Variation (B or C).
Namechange: Worm.Pawur.A -> Worm.Pawur.A-1
Added: Worm.Pawur.A-2
Added: Worm.Pawur.A-3
Added: Worm.Pawur.A-4
Added: Worm.Pawur.A-5
Added: Worm.Pawur.A-6
Notes: Signatures to detect dropped/downloaded components of the worm

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