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Update (daily: 484)
ClamAV database updated (2004.09.10 15:27 GMT): daily.cvd, viruses.db2
Version: 484
Signatures total: 24040

Submission: n/a
Sender: Tomasz Papszun
Virus: Mydoom variant
Alias: Worm/MyDoom.U.4 (Hbedv), W32/MyDoom-R (Sophos),Win32.HLLM.MyDoom.27136 (Drweb), Win32.Mydoom.R@mm (Bitdefender)
Added: Worm.Mydoom.U
Note: Already detected by devel versions as Worm.Mydoom.Gen-unp.

Submission: n/a
Sender: Joachim Breuer
Virus: unknown
Alias: Win32.HLLW.ForBot.based (Drweb)
Added: Trojan.Forbot-2

Tomasz Papszun SysAdm @ TP S.A. Lodz, Poland | And it's only | ones and zeros. A GPL virus scanner

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