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Update (daily: 432)
ClamAV database updated (2004.08.02 16:30 GMT): daily.cvd, viruses.db2
Version: 432
Signatures total: 23069

Submission: 4336-web
Sender: Czesiu
Virus: unknown
Added: No. A mail message lacking the zip attachment. Harmless.

Submission: 4613-web
Sender: D.
Virus: Mydoom.M ?
Added: No. Worm.Mydoom.M found in the entire message by ClamAV devel-20040722

Submission: 4617-web
Sender: Damian Menscher
Virus: mydoom.o
Added: No. Worm.Mydoom.M found by ClamAV devel-20040722.

Submission: 4824-web
Sender: Daniel De Martin
Virus: I-Worm.Baatezu (Kaspersky)
Alias: Worm/Jerm-2.D (Hbedv), VBS.Eris.A@mm (Bitdefender), Bat/Jerm-B (Sophos), BAT.Eris (Drweb)
Added: Bat.Jerm.D

Submission: 4825-web
Sender: Andre Gerhard
Added: Trojan.Spy.Bancos.BH

Submission: 4826-web
Sender: Steve Basford
Virus: Backdoor.Hackarmy.q (Kaspersky)
Alias: BDS/Hackarmy.Q (Hbedv), Backdoor.Hackarmy.Q (Bitdefender), Troj/Hackarmy-A (Sophos), BackDoor.Hackamy (Drweb)
Added: Trojan.Hackarmy.Q.6

Submission: 4865-web
Sender: Peter Fedorow
Virus: Download.Trojan (TDS-3)
Alias: Trojan.Downloader.Small.OS (Bitdefender), Trojan.Promo (Drweb)
Added: Trojan.Downloader.Small.OS
Added: Trojan.Downloader.Small.OS-unp

Submission: 4866-web, 4867-web
Sender: Rudolph Pereira
Virus: Trojan.Mybot.gen-90
Alias: Win32.HLLW.MyBot.based (Drweb), Backdoor.SDBot.Gen (Bitdefender)
Added: Trojan.Mybot.gen-91

Submission: 4868-web, 4875-web, 4878-web
Sender: Tom Brown, Sami Haahtinen, Dave Maxwell
Virus: unknown
Added: No. A small binary fragment. Harmless.

Submission: 4872-web
Sender: Stefan
Virus: Backdoor.VB.iz (Kaspersky)
Alias: BackDoor.Deadcel.2 (Drweb), BDS/VB.iz (Hbedv), Backdoor.VB.IZ (Bitdefender)
Added: Trojan.VB.IZ.1
Added: Trojan.VB.IZ.2

Submission: 4873-web
Sender: giancarlo
Virus: unknown
Alias: W32/Agobot-Fam (Sophos), Win32.HLLW.Agobot (Drweb), Backdoor.Agobot.3.Gen (Bitdefender)
Added: Worm.Gaobot.74

Submission: 4874-web
Sender: E. Mallo
Virus: Backdoor-AXJ (McAfee)
Alias: Worm/Rbot.CM (Hbedv)
Added: Worm.Rbot.CM

Submission: n/a
Sender: n/a
Added: Trojan.Proxy.Agent.AD-unp
Note: Name change from Trojan.Proxy.Agent.AD-upx to Trojan.Proxy.Agent.AD-unp

Submission: n/a
Sender: n/a
Added: Worm.Mydoom.M-unp
Note: Name change from Worm.Mydoom.M-upx to Worm.Mydoom.M-unp

Submission: n/a
Sender: n/a
Added: Worm.Mabutu.A-unp
Note: Name change from Worm.Mabutu.A-upx to Worm.Mabutu.A-unp

Submission: n/a
Sender: n/a
Added: Worm.Mydoom.M.Dropped-unp
Note: Name change from Worm.Mydoom.M.Dropped-upx to Worm.Mydoom.M.Dropped-unp

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