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I am administering a Red Hat Enterprise 5 server and was running ClamAV 97.3 and upgraded to version 97.5. Prior to upgrading I removed the earlier Clam RPM completely.

The issues I'm having are as follows:

The ClamAV installation on red hat is producing the following error when we run a freshclam command, which updates the virus databases:

root@server clamav# freshclam
ClamAV update process started at Fri Jun 22 08:04:54 2012
WARNING: Can't query
WARNING: Invalid DNS reply. Falling back to HTTP mode.
WARNING: Can't get information about Temporary failure in name resolution
WARNING: Can't download main.cvd from
Trying again in 5 secs...

According to ClamAV FAQ's it wants to ensure the server can resolve TXT and to check resolv.conf:

* I get this error when running freshclam: Invalid DNS reply. Falling back to HTTP mode or ERROR: Can't query . What does it mean?
* There is a problem with your DNS server. Please check the entries in /etc/resolv.conf and verify that you can resolve the TXT record manually: $ host -t txt If you can't, it means your network is broken. You'll be still able to download the updates, but you'll waste a lot of bandwidth checking for updates.

After reviewing that information I ran the command successfully, see below:

root@server clamav# host -t txt descriptive text "0.97.5:54:15068:1340372274:1:63:39475:185"

which is the same result I received on a server where the virus update is succeeding.

server# host -t txt descriptive text "0.97.5:54:15068:1340372274:1:63:39475:185"

I reviewed SElinux logs and don't see anything being blocked.

What is the recommended course of action?

Thank you,

Mario A. Reyes
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