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I currently have ClamSMTP and ClamAV 0.97.3 installed on CentOS with
postfix and dovecot. The setup works and ClamAV properly scans all emails
and detects viruses. However, I have enabled the DLP module in Clamd to
detect CC numbers and SSNs and lowered the threshold to 1 for each. When I
send and SSN number Clam properly logs that there was a SSN attempted to be
sent. When I send any formatted Credit Card number, ClamAV does not
recognize that there is a credit card number contained in the body of the
text or as an attachment.

Does anyone have any knowledge about this? Am I missing something? lists

dlp_is_valid_ssn: SSN_%s: %s
dlp_is_valid_cc: AMEX (%s)
dlp_is_valid_cc: VISA [1] (%s)
dlp_is_valid_cc: Diners Club [1] (%s)
dlp_is_valid_cc: Diners Club [2] (%s)
dlp_is_valid_cc: JCB [1] (%s)
dlp_is_valid_cc: JCB [2] (%s)
dlp_is_valid_cc: VISA [2] (%s)
dlp_is_valid_cc: MASTERCARD (%s)
dlp_is_valid_cc: Discover (%s)

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