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CCEE Patch Set Release - Testers Needed
Clamav Common Execution Environment patch set.

CCEE is a patch set to the ClamAV source does the following:
1. Implements fixes for bugs 1754 and 2727.
2. Adds additional functionality to the software.

The version adds the following features.
Code Cleanup.
SIGCOUNT and output code clean up.
IPv4 match regex added to optparser.c
Ability to toggle the .UNOFFICIAL prefix on 3rd party sigs for clamd.
Via the conf file option LabelUnofficial
Bug 2727 fix for clamd and clamscan.

Testers needed:
Some testing with 3rd party sigs was done in this release.
However, I don't have the hardware to do much in the line of testing.
Could somebody make sure that our 0.97.x enhancements work as expected?

Enjoy :-)


Nathan Gibbs

Systems Administrator
Christ Media