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Fwd: Compiling a portable version of ClamAV

I'm trying to compile ClamAV on a CentOS 7 machine and then transfer the
compiled executables to another CentOS 7 machine under a directory that has
a non-deterministic name. My current best guess as to how to accomplish
this is to statically compile ClamAV so that it doesn't have to load any
libraries at runtime.

I tried to compile using `configure --enable-static` but I have a feeling
that doesn't do what I think it does because the output of `ldd clamd`
indicates that clamd is a dynamically linked ELF. And indeed when I try to
run clamd on my target machine it complains about not being able to find Does anyone have any idea as to why this isn't working or
what I can do to compile clamd statically?

Brady Tello
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