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Re: Clamav-win32 Memory Scan
Hi all,

I tried to get an answer from the clam-av mailing list but I haven't gotten
any help so I was hoping the development list might help.

From the clamav-win documentation, clamav-win supports memory scanning by
adding the "--memory" option to the command line.

However, after looking at the source code and tracing a running instance in
Visual Studio, it seems that the clamav-win is not scanning memory but
scanning files associated with processes in memory.

Essentially the memory scan algorithm is as follows: 1) get process list,
2) read each processes associated modules (files), 3)extract the module's
location in a file format, 4) scan the file by calling "_open" which read
only permissions

Is this correct? and if so, this seems like it is not scanning memory, but
files on disk. Can someone confirm this?


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