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Communication error while scanning using clamdscan+clamd
I am receiving "ERROR: Communication error" from clamd while scanning 8.5T NFS-mount in Debian stable using clamdscan. I did not get more informative error messages using argument verbose. This installation is done using packages from:

deb squeeze-updates main

Which shows in -V as: "ClamAV 0.97.3/14436/Sat Feb 11 23:13:26 2012". Could you give me some ideas how to debug this problem? No error messages from NFS-mount in dmesg. I am using default configuration file for clamd except for directory recursion, which is 30.

I have also tested with: "ClamAV devel-clamav-0.97-434-gd510390/14436/Sat Feb 11 23:13:26 2012" with same results.

- Henri Salo
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