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10 years of ClamAV
Dear ClamAV Users,

This year, ClamAV celebrates its 10th anniversary. The first release was
on May 8, 2002, and included the basic command line scanner “clamscan”
and database update tool “freshclam”. With your help, the project that
started as a hobby has become a complete antivirus solution and one of
the most popular Open Source security tools. Today, ClamAV has more than
2 million active installations and scans hundreds of millions of files
every day.

We are incredibly proud of this project and of the development work we
have been able to do since joining Sourcefire via acquisition in 2007.
We’ve had the opportunity to build out the bytecode engine and logical
signatures, and implement dozens of other major improvements that make
ClamAV a powerful tool.

While we are incredibly proud of this, it is time for us to make a
change. ClamAV is now mature software and we are confident that
Sourcefire will successfully continue its development, move it forward
and maintain the integrity of its infrastructure. Matt Watchinski, who
has headed Sourcefire’s Vulnerability Research Team (VRT™) for 10 years,
will continue to lead this project. Joel Esler, the company's Open
Source community manager, will also be your main point of contact and

We cannot fully express how grateful we are to all of the people,
organizations and companies that have supported us and who will continue
to support the project. This includes all the individuals who have
contributed virus signatures and the developers who have contributed
code to ClamAV throughout the years, the public mirrors that host our
virus databases worldwide, the entities that hosted our web site,
nameservers and build farm; the developers and package maintainers who
have integrated ClamAV into various Open Source products and
distributions and, of course, the Open Source community as a whole.

Finally, we would like to thank all who have trusted ClamAV for scanning
and protecting some of the most valuable data on their networks.


Tomasz Kojm <> (twitter: @tkojm)
Luca Gibelli <> (twitter: @nervous)
Alberto Wu <>
Edwin Török <>