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Clamav 0.96 RC2 - win32 support
ClamAV 0.96-rc2 includes preliminary windows support.

Preliminary means that, at this point, all the libraries and the tools
are verified to build without errors, to execute and to pass basic
checks like loading and updating the database, detection of test files,
etc. The code was however not tested in a production environment.

We encourage all the interested users to try the software and report
bugs on our bugzilla. As usual, the more the testing, the quicker the
bugs get uncovered and fixed.
Feel also free to open feature enhancement requests, especially if you
can provide a working patch.

As soon as the code will prove stable, it will be also included in the
ClamAV for Windows software to augment the scan effectiveness and to
allow offline virus scanning.

If you wish to try ClamAV 0.96-rc2 on windows you can build it from
sources (see win32/README for details) or you can use the binaries found