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announcing ClamAV 0.81rc1
Dear ClamAV users,

this candidate release focuses on scan engine improvements. Internal
mail scanner now supports multipart/partial messages, support for decoding
non-standard mail files was greatly enhanced. New clamav-milter
can directly use libclamav and scan emails itself without the use of
clamd. libclamav can extract RFC2397 encoded data within HTML
documents, block zip archives with modified information in local
header, and scan HQX files. PE file structure rebuilding from compressed
executables was improved.

Here is a short summary of the ChangeLog:

-) libclamav:
+ major improvements in the mail scanning engine:
o support for multipart/partial messages
o improved support for non-standard quoted-printable attachments
o in some situations it will try to guess a correct mode (e.g.
a good type for an incorrect content-type, a best guess for an
unknown encoding type, etc.)
o handling of RFC822 comments in the commands (e.g.: Co(foo)ntent-Type:
o better recovery if memory softlimit is hit
o new test code that decodes emails without parsing them first (must
be enabled manually before compilation)

+ support for extracting RFC2397 encoded data within HTML documents
+ blocking of zip archives with modified information in local header
+ improved PE structure rebuilding from compressed executables
+ improved support for zip archives
+ support for Mac's HQX file format
+ stability and (minor) security fixes
+ a lot of minor improvements, including support for new platforms

-) clamd:
+ new directive ExitOnOOM (stop the deamon when libclamav reports an out of
memory condition)
+ new directives StreamMinPort and StreamMaxPort (port range specification
for a stream mode)
+ support for passing of file descriptors

-) clamdscan:
+ added support for --move and --remove

-) clamav-milter:
+ SESSION mode (single, regular connection with clamd) is now enabled by
+ new option --internal (scan the emails itself with libclamav without
the use of clamd)
+ various optimisations

-) freshclam:
+ the DNS mode is now enabled by default (no need for DNSDatabaseInfo in
+ --no-dns uses a If-Modified-Since method instead of a range GET
+ added support for AllowSupplementaryGroups

-) sigtool:
+ new options --vba and --vba-hex (extract VBA/Word6 macros and optionally
display the corresponding hex values; Word6 binary code will be

The list of third party programs with support for ClamAV is growing
rapidly. Here are the latest additions:

+ AVScan - a libclamav based GUI a-v scanner for Unix
+ clamailfilter - a Python script that provides a-v scanning via procmailrc
+ ClamAVPlugin - A ClamAV plugin for SpamAssassin 3.x
+ ClamCour - an e-mail filter for Courier
+ clamfilter - a small, secure, and efficient content filter for Postfix
+ ClamMail - an anti-virus POP3 proxy for Windows
+ ClamShell - a Java GUI for clamscan
+ ClamTk - a perl-tk GUI for ClamAV
+ clapf - a virus scanning and antispam content filter for Postfix
+ D bindings for ClamAV - ClamAV bindings for the D programming language
+ Frox - a transparent FTP proxy
+ KMail - a fully-featured email client now supports ClamAV out of box
+ Mail Avenger - a highly-configurable SMTP server with a-v support
+ Mailnees - a mail content filter for Sendmail and Postfix
+ Maverix - anti-spam and anti-virus solution for AOLServer
+ Moodle - scan files submitted by students for viruses!
+ php-clamav - scan files from within PHP
+ pymavis - a powerful email parser, similar to the old amavis-perl
+ QClam - a simple program to plug ClamAV to a qmail mailbox
+ qmailmrtg7 - display graphs of viruses found by ClamAV
+ qSheff - an e-mail filter for qmail
+ SafeSquid - a feature rich content filtering internet proxy
+ Scrubber - a server-side daemon for filtering mail content
+ simscan - an e-mail and spam filter for qmail
+ smtpfilter - scan SMTP session for viruses
+ snort-inline - scan your network traffic for viruses with ClamAV
+ SquidClamAV Redirector - a Squid helper script which adds virus scanning
+ WRAVLib - a library for a-v integration with Mono/.NET applications

The ClamAV team (

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