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announcing ClamAV 0.66
*) ClamAV 0.66 has been released

This version is a response to the "clamav 0.65 remote DOS exploit"
information published on popular security-related mailing lists.
Unfortunately we had not been contacted by the author before he published
that and had to release this (unplanned) package very quickly (it should be
mentioned that CVS version was not vulnerable to the exploit). Untested code
has been disabled also the Dazuko support is temporarily not available (if
you really need it please use a CVS version or wait for a next stable
release). Have a look at README for other important changes.

*) Notes on downloading the latest release:

SourceForge file release system is currently unavailable (see

The 0.66 release can be temporarily downloaded at

Hopefully, clamav-0.66.tar.gz will be uploaded to SourceForge mirrors
within the next 24 hours.

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Luca Gibelli ( ||
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