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DNA Multiple Analyzer 11.5+ Broken
This is probably a pretty obscure area of CUCM, but here goes...

I want to take a list of ELINs, and run them through the multiple analyzer
in DNA, to see if they all get prefixed with 913 appropriately.

However, the version of DNA I am doing this on, is 11.5 and has the
following defect (typos are not my own):

*Do analysis shows viewfile contents in MUltiple Analyzer of DNA Analysis*

Go t DNA -> Analysis -> Multiple Analyzer.
Upload the csv file (downloaded from the template and converted to csv
Select a csv file and do view file contents.
We see the output of the file contents.

Then "DO NALYSIS". But we don't see any dna analysis output. Rather we see
the same view file contents again. The URL is also of view file contents.


It's still open too, so I would assume anything new is also affected.

When I look at the source code for what is supposed to happen when I click
the Do Analysis button, it executes the JS function called

[image: image.png]

That function in the source looks like this (cleaned up a bit):

function doAnalysisForMultiple() {
if (validateFileSelected()) {
if (document.forms[0].learnProgress.value == "true") {
alert("Adding of learned patterns in progress. Please refresh
the page and try again after sometime"); //CCD SAF Changes
} else {"/dna/"+document.forms[0].sourceFile.value

As you can see, the reason the file contents are displayed, is because
that's how it's coded:

Just like the function to view the file contents (cleaned up a bit):

function viewSelectedFileContents() {
if (validateFileSelected()) {"/dna/"+document.forms[0].sourceFile.value,

Perhaps this is a copy and paste error? If so, I'm wondering if you could
look at your various versions for me and post if you have something
different in your doAnalysisForMultiple function. Something other than the for the page.

To do so, access the following URL on your CUCM, and then login, followed
by right clicking the page and selecting View Source and then search for
the string: *function doAnalysisForMultiple*

I'd like to look at what it might be doing in a different version.

Also, if any Cisco folks could inquire within about the status of this
defect, that would be nice. I'm kind of surprised to see that it's still
open and not resolved in 12.5.
Re: DNA Multiple Analyzer 11.5+ Broken [ In reply to ]
Yes, this is still open. Inquiry initiated. Thank you for the reminder. Bonus points if you can open a case that we can link to the bug.


On Oct 3, 2019, at 12:50 PM, Anthony Holloway <<>> wrote:


It's still open too, so I would assume anything new is also affected.