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UPDATE: Unity Connection Port Limitation Bug on BE6K
Quick update to this situation:

In order to avoid applying an ES to be able to add the total number of ports (i.e. 24 ports, 12 per server), you can shutdown the UCXN VMs, one at a time, and temporarily modify the machine settings through vSphere.

You will need to change the following values:

* RAM: Adjust from 4GB to 6GB
* CPU: Adjust from 1 core to 2 cores
* CPU Reservation: Adjust from 2130 Mhz to 2530 Mhz

Notice, that when you first start up the VM after adjusting these settings, you'll hit some blue/red screen Redhat menus. Don't freak out. You'll need to accept that the hardware configuration is not supported. There are three screens:

1. Continue
2. Continue
3. Agree

Once the server comes online, add the ports in UCXN and then the ports in CUCM (if SCCP). Save, reboot, revert settings to their original values.

Rinse and repeat…

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