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ISDN calls trought GW 3241 from CUCM
Dear all,

I have following setup:

ISDN GW 3241 <---H.323---> CUCM 8.6.2 <---SIP (native)---> SX20/C60

Incomming and Outgoing ISDN calls are working (audio and video) but on some
devices (Polycom) I have only Audio.

When I bypass CUCM and register codec directly to ISDN GW 3241 (build in
gatekeeper) tought H.323 audio and video works to/from Polycom:

ISDN GW 3241 <---H.323--->  SX20/C60

Please find attached capured packets on CUCM (call estabilished with
SIngapure Polycom test number: 006563254856)

Packet 31 (openLogicalChannel (genericVideoCapability)) and 32
(openLogicalChannelReject) are most important.

Legend: - CUCM - ISDN GW 3241

Thanks for any help.