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Re: UCS & Cisco UC VM configuration
Just discoverd that looks like all available DIMM is used up. However, I'm
still interested to know whether is there any major difference if it's no
longer a TRC. Will there by any potential support issue?

On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 12:02 AM, Ki Wi <> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> My customer recently purchased the UCS "UC bundle" which is C210M2 TRC#1
> (UCS-C210M2-VCD2). I read that if i remove RAM from the UCS, anything
> lesser than the amount specified in TRC, it is no longer considered as TRC
> (tested reference config), i must follow spec based VM support. Is there
> any major difference? Will cisco tac give me any trouble?
> The reason is each UC VM on average used 6gb. I can only host up to 4 UC
> VM (assuming each VM needs 2vCPU) in each UCS . Including overhead, the
> most I will be using 30gb of ram. I can at least remove 16GB from each UCS.
> I have dedicated UCS just to run "3rd party VM" not supported by cisco
> such as Windows server OS. I would like to give this UCS more ram since
> there's no silly limitation such as ===> applications require a 1:1 mapping
> of VM vCPU cores to physical CPU cores.
> Cheers,
> Ki Wi