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Autoreply: Re: uBR-7223 Question
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René-Roger Ziesack wrote on 26/03/08 18:50 MET:
> the depends on some parameters - which bandwidth do you plan per user?
> What kind of services do you plan to provide (internet only, voice
> services)?
> How does you network look like (SNR, ingress)?
> In general; what you described is more a minimal configuration without
> any redundancy.

Attached two load and one traffic graphs of almost the same UBR with
currently 406 installed modems.

uBR7223 with:
1x NPE-225 (128M RAM)
1x I/O-FE
1x uBR-MC16S (uBR-MC16C with Spectrum Analyzer)

To be realistic with 4000 installed modems you probably need at least 50
from your upstream ISP.

One uBR-MC16C can realistically do 20MBit (30Mbit theoretically) in the
downstream - tested it myself.

At least a uBR7246 VXR with NPE-400 and 2x uBR-MC28C would be what I would
choose for in your case.

But I'm not really qualified as I haven't gone there myself yet.

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock