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DOCSIS Troubleshooting
Can anyone point me to a good guide on troubleshooting DOCSIS Cable
Modems / HFC Plant?
Specifically, I am looking for what the information provided in the
docsIF MIB means and how it can be used for troubleshooting problems.

docsIfSigQCorrecteds.3 (counter) 3014
docsIfSigQUncorrectables.3 (counter) 1669
docsIfSigQSignalNoise.3 (integer) 30,4 [304]
docsIfSigQMicroreflections.3 (integer) 7
docsIfCmStatusResets.2 (counter) 2
docsIfCmStatusLostSyncs.2 (counter) 1
docsIfCmStatusInvalidMaps.2 (counter) 0
docsIfCmStatusInvalidUcds.2 (counter) 0
docsIfCmStatusInvalidRangingResponses.2 (counter) 0
docsIfCmStatusInvalidRegistrationResponses.2 (counter) 0
docsIfCmStatusT1Timeouts.2 (counter) 0
docsIfCmStatusT2Timeouts.2 (counter) 7
docsIfCmStatusT3Timeouts.2 (counter) 4
docsIfCmStatusT4Timeouts.2 (counter) 17
docsIfCmStatusRangingAborteds.2 (counter) 0