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URL redirection using cisco
Hello All,

Is it possible to redirect request of any port 80 request from
specific IP pools to using route-map or some other
way ?

Re: URL redirection using cisco [ In reply to ]
On Friday 25 March 2005 13:40, Prit Patel wrote:
> Hello All,


> Is it possible to redirect request of any port 80 request...


> from
> specific IP pools...


> to

Not sure the Cisco would understand the URL name (unless you are doing L4-L7
filtering stuff), but it will understand the IP address.

> using route-map or some other
> way ?

Yes. Policy-based routing or WCCP should be able to solve your problem.

PBR is quick and easy, especially if you're affecting only a very small number
of users and aren't using it for mainstream production, e.g., transparent
caching. A basic configuration would look like so:

ip access-list extended redirect-site
deny tcp host any eq www
permit tcp n.n.n.n m.m.m.m any eq www
route-map REDIRECT-SITE permit 10
match ip address redirect-site
set ip default next-hop
route-map REDIRECT-SITE permit 20
interface FastEthernet0/0
ip policy route-map REDIRECT-SITE

Hope this helps some.


> Regards
> Prit
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