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SNMP monitoring routing table over time
Trying to work on an interesting project, where it would be nice to monitor the routing table of a collection of routers, store it, and look at it later, as a snapshot of what the routing table for a particular router looked at a particular time. All the information I'm wanting (route entry, nexthop, etc) is available via snmp on the ip-route mib I believe, and needs to stay fairly generic, or equipment-agnostic.

Does anyone know of an existing project to do this before I start trying to make one?

Walter Keen
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Re: SNMP monitoring routing table over time [ In reply to ]

some years ago I thought about this myself - coupled with SNMPtraps etc you can build a map
of the routing across your network. the trouble was, i went into planning it and all the
required features...and it just grew and grew... i had a couple of quagga boxes joined into
the IGP and EGP systems and was recording stuff but I'm no compsci and got stuck in
a mess of SQL relantional tables that just didnt scale. yes, i saw events...but i saw events
already and I hadnt worked out how to draw the map for the routing topology at date X - without
re-writing routing algorithms myself. in the end I bought a little applicane that does most
of what i needed - yes, not ALL i needed, but its a start.

I was then able to spent time on projects that local mgmt felt were more high priority
(hey, its good having a working local network... ;-) )

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