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Static Inter-VRF Routing on VSS 1400 not working with 12.2(33)SXI6

We are trying to migrate an existing configuration form an older 6500 with SUB 720 and 12.2(17d)SXB1 to VSS system. There are 10 VRF used. Some subnets are static routed between some VRFs (Inter-VRF Routing) like: ip route vrf AAA Vlan400

On the older 6500 this configuration is running fine since years. But on the new system it works not, I cannot ping the SVI in different VRFs and also not from any host in vlan 100 to any host in vlan 400 . I s this behavior documented?

If I try "VRF SVI to VRF SVI" ping i get a traceback:

95: src=, dst=, hl=20, tl=100, prot=1, sport=0, dport=0
96: in=Vlan100, nexthop=, out=Vlan100
97: options=none -Process= "IP Input", ipl= 0, pid= 319
98: -Traceback= 409F35A0 409F3858 409F58C0 409F6174 409F3DB4 409E44DC 409E4948 409E3784 409E3960 409E3A28 409E3D14 41394B94 41394B80
Host to host ping: CEF debug says :

Jun 6 15:01:32 544: *Jun 6 12:57:32.711: CEF-Drop: Packet from (Vl100) to, Neighbor resolution req

Configuration section
ip vrf BBB
rd 401:401
ip vrf AAA
rd 100:100

vlan 100
name AAA
vlan 400
name BBB

interface Vlan100
description AAA Inside LAN Cat6509
ip vrf forwarding AAA
ip address
no ip redirects

interface Vlan400
description BBB Inside LAN
ip vrf forwarding BBB
ip address secondary
ip address
no ip redirects

ip route vrf AAA Vlan400
ip route vrf BBB Vlan100


Thanks for any hint


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