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Calling Line ID to line mapping

for scripting purposes I would like to find a single Cisco IOS command that
shows the relation between the ISDN Calling Line ID and the associated tty
or vty line for V.110, V.120, X.75 and regular analog calls (V.92, V.90,

It looks like the "show caller full" command should do what I am looking
for. As far as I can see the "Location" field in this command should always
contain the calling line id, but the documentation on is not
comprehensive enough to confirm that this will work for all the mentioned
call types. Unfortunately, I currently do not have access to lab equipment
to test the various call types.

Can anybody confirm that the "Location" field in the output of the "show
caller full" command correctly displays the ISDN CLID for all mentioned call
types? Or, alternatively, can anybody recommend another command that would
show the relation between line and CLID?


Tom Lijnse