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Cisco 892w config
Hello, Trying to make points with the In-laws and think I have over stepped my memory, If any on can help would be much appreciated.
Been a while since I have looked at any Cisco gear and I thought "oh, No problem" Wrong.

Trying to set up a Cisco 892-w to be used mainly as an Internal Wireless network access point that will connect to a laptop wired to it to feed the needed files. Will be used very seldom on the Internet so I am not that worried about the wan side but It would be nice to have that working on PPPOE also

I can get the wired side of the lan to work just fine, but cannot get the wireless side to connect at all. I am stumped. I have been reading for 2 weeks and I am lost in circles.

So, my question, Does anyone have a conf they would be willing to share?