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Re: Cherokee status ? Removal from Debian
Leonel Nunez dijo [Sun, Apr 29, 2012 at 08:22:33PM -0600]:
> I can keep the debian version too.
> But the debian maintainer process is a little bit long and I haven't time
> to keep up with it.
> I see the removal from debian has been requested and I don't know if that
> can be reverted so I can fix the reported bugs on time and do the process
> to become a debian maintainer.

Becoming a Debian Maintainer is quite easy and straightforward, it
should not take you long at all. Becoming a Debian Developer takes a
bit more, but you don't really need that. I need you to work a bit on
the Debian policies, but yes, I'd be most willing to advocate you to
become a DM.

> As you can see :
> I've asked the procedure to adopt the debian package ..

Cherokee was removed from Testing back in November, and has been
removed from Unstable yesterday. But you can introduce it as a new
package without changing the packaging. If you become a DM, I can
sponsor you the first upload, and afterwards you can take care of it
by yourself.
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Re: Cherokee status ? Removal from Debian [ In reply to ]
Hi all,

i just wonder if anything moved around Debian debs. Lionel, have you
been able to revert removal request?

I may be able to test Debian deb (if there is any unoffical produced).

This is just a ping to know the status and progress.

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