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cherokee-admin not found
I recently downloaded cherokee-1.2.101. I ran the make and make install after the download. The next thing that I want to do is to configure Cherokee-admin, but when I run "cherokee-admin" it says not found. So I run "ls -l" and I see there is no "cherokee-admin". I do see a "cherokee-admin-launcher.1" and "cherokee-admin.1". So I thought I would run the first one, to see if that would bring up cherokee-admin, but I get all kinds of messages that tells me this is not found or that is not found. I run the Cherokee-admin.1 and basically I get the same thing, this is not found, that is not found. No matter which one I run it doesn't work. I should not have to run either one of these commands, because Cherokee-admin should be there, but it is not. Do you have any explanation as to why I don't have Cherokee-admin in my directory? This should be straight-forward.