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Cherokee in Debian
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Op 09-12-11 16:00, Gunnar Wolf schreef:
> Stefan de Konink dijo [Fri, Dec 09, 2011 at 09:47:05AM +0100]:
>> What your distribution calls stable isnt what we call stable, and
>> results in people coming here and not the debian bugtracker.
> Yup - Maybe the right response would be to file a bug in the
> distribution BTS. However, do you run an bleeding edge version of
> all of the software you use?

If my distribution would support GIT/SVN/HG/CSV ebuilds then I would
indeed. This is the only way to participate in the open source
community and to contribute back, even if you are not a coder.

But I guess, except for GCC, I am on par with the latest released

> Some people will need the latest and greatest features. Most
> won't. For most people, a two year old Cherokee (with no hassle to
> install and properly integrated in the system) has an interesting
> value over a comparable Apache or LigHTTPd.

./configure ; make install isn't that big of a hassle is it? Ok maybe
it is on Debian, because for everything you want to link to you have
to figure out what the name is of the -devel package...

> Why? Because people don't need to be overly aware of the
> development status of each of the bits in their system. They don't
> want to know that not a single release of Cherokee since 1.2.100
> has been able to be cleanly compiled¹ (and thus, has been dropped
> off the Testing branch).

Great I guess? Because before 1.2.100 the source code has never been
checked by any static code analysis system. And Debian didn't care
about that :) Because Debian usually only cares about their opinion
about what is called stable and what is called 'free software'.

I am really getting tired of this discussion. Especially it makes
Cherokee look bad, while every release bugs have been fixed and
stability has improved considerably.

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