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Migrating from Catalyst::Log::Log4perl to Log::Log4perl::Catalyst
This may be more of a log4perl question.

I have a custom plugin I've been using for a very long time that used
Catalyst::Log::log4perl. It added a few "features".

- added a number of config options to enable logging warns and errors
via log4perl (trapping __DIE__ and __WARN__).
- optionally enabling stack traces for messages that match a pattern.
- provided a config option that listed a filename where to send
error-level messages (which cron would send out via email every few minutes)
- allow for "downgrading" messages - i.e. if a message pattern matched
it might change it from "error" to "warn". Useful when something triggers
a zillion errors or when we really want to see an Apache error about an
aborted connection every time someone hits escape when loading a page.

How much of this can I do just with configuration and
Log::Log4perl::Catalyst? I'd prefer to get rid of the plugin.

Bill Moseley