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Hello Everyone!

I'm pleased to announce the lastest point release for the Catalyst project.  This release closes up a few bugs, including the bug that prevented Catalyst from properly recognizing dist.ini as a development project root file.  Here's the full list:

Bug fixes:
  - Simplification of the previous changes to Catalyst::ScriptRunner
    We now just push $FindBin::Bin/../lib to the @INC path again, but
    only if one of the dist indicator files (Makefile.PL Build.PL or
    dist.ini) can be found in $FindBin::Bin/../$_
    This avoids heuristics when the app is unloaded and therefore
    works better for extensions which have entire applications in
    their test suites.
  - Bug fix to again correctly detect checkouts in dist zilla using
  - --background option for the server script now only closes
    STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR. This fixes issues with Log::Dispatch
    and other loggers which open a file handle when
  - Change incorrect use of File::Spec->catdir to File::Spec->catfile
    so that we work on platforms which care about this (VMS?)
  - Make it more obvious if our PSGI server doesn't pass in a response
If you have reported or experienced any of the above bugs, please give this release a try and let us know how things go.  As always thanks to the entire team and each individual that contributed to this release.

John Napiorkowski