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ANNOUNCE Catalyst-Runtime-5.90006

It gives me great pleasure to announce the latest maintenance release
of Catalyst-Runtime, which fixes issues for some users on perl
versions 5.8 and 5.10, fixes issues with mod_perl behind a proxy and
adds a couple of new features and documentation fixes.

Full changelog as always is below.


5.90006 - 2011-10-25 09:18:00

New features:
- A new 'run_options' class data method has been added to
This is used to store all the options passed by scripts, allowing
application authors to add custom options to their scripts then
get them passed through to the application.

- Clarify that if you manually write your own .psgi file, then
proxy support (via the using_frontend_proxy config value) will
not be
enabled unless you explicitly apply the default middlewares from
Catalyst, or you apply the middleware manually.

Bug fixes:
- Fix issue due to perl internals bugs in 5.8 and 5.10 (not
present in
other perl versions) require can pass the context inappropriately,
meaning that some methods of loading classes can fail due to void
context being passed throuh to make_immutable, causing it to not
a value.
This bug caused loading Catalyst::Script::XXX to fail and is fixed
both by bumping the Class::Load dependency, and also adding an
'1;' to the end of the classes, avoiding the context issue.

- Fix using_frontend_proxy support in mod_perl by using the psgi
in default middleware in mod_perl context, rather than the raw

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