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Setting a time to chat on IRC regarding Catalyst backlog tasks
Hey all,

Although its great we have IRC for adhoc chat and planning, I think it would be a good idea if we could set some sort of regular time for getting together to review Catalyst development.  This way we have a better chance of coming to conclusions about open tasks and also it is my hope that we can achieve broader participation by having more clear rules about how to request changes and features to Catalyst.

For now, I just have a simple, public google calender where I am managing these public events.  please send me a message if you want official invites.  I really encourage you to do so and not just 'drop in' because that is easier. 

This meeting will be the for now official time where heavy thoughts about the future of Catalyst are done.  So all involved stakeholders are encouraged to join in.

If anyone has a better idea about how to manage the public calendar, I'd love to hear it!

John Napiokowski