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[Bricolage-General] OSCON: Content Management in Perl
Hi All,

I attended Robin Berjon's "Content Management in Perl" talk at OSCON this
morning, and wanted to report back on it.

Robin discussed three CMSs, mainly to identify some categories of CM. The
idea was to introduce people to some of the categories of CMS, rather than
do an exhaustive summary of all available Perl CMSs, which wouldn't
provide enough information about any of them. The three he covered were:

Slash: This is the community contribution CMS example.

Bricolage: This is the Application example.

XIMS: This is a new CMS from the University of Innsbrook, and is a CMS

Robin is a developer on XIMS, I think, but I think that he did a good job
covering the strengths and weaknesses of the various approaches to CM.
Naturally, the Bricolage section of his talk was the one that I was most
interested in, and he did an excellent job. The talk was all slide-based
(no demos), but did a nice job covering the philosophy and feature set of
Bricolage. He discussed Elements, document design, the strength of the
interface, alerts, distribution, SOAP, and templates.

So I just wanted to say, thanks Robin, and nice job! Hopefully, this wil
help to boost interest in Bricolage (as well as XIMS, of course!).



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