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ok now I know why I'm not getting any more bricolage emails in my folder!

Mailing lists moved to
Hi everyone,

As some of you might know the bricolage lists are hosted on the systems. All the lists (and the bricolage lists) have been running on the same aging hardware since 2003 and it is time to upgrade! I bought a new server and this month we're moving all the lists; this weekend it was time for the bricolage lists. This mail is to test

David asked that in the process we change the list hostname to Note that should still works; if it doesn't - please let me know.

An unfortunate side-effect of this, as you might have noticed with this mail already, is that if you use filter rules to put the bricolage mails in particular folders, that might not work anymore.

Anyway: Bricolage community, welcome to the new list server! :-)

- ask