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Proof Reading
Fellow Bricoleurs,

Anyone have a bit of time to review one or more of our documentation Pod files to make sure that they're still correct? I'm thinking of:

* Bric::Admin. This goes into the distribution as INSTALL, so it needs to be right. Quite a bit has changed since 1.10.

* Bric::ToDo: I suspect that a fair number of To-Dos are done. Frankly, this should probably be moved to the wiki (see Bric::Hacker for an example).

* Bric::ElementAdmin: A lot has changed with the Ajaxification and the occurrence specification, both new in 2.0.

* Bric::AssetEditing: Ditto.

* Bric::Templates and Bric::AdvTemplates: Probably not much changed for these.

* The [FAQ]( Used to be Bric::FAQ, which is what made me think of it.

* Bric::Security: I forgot about this one. There's a new SFTP implementation in 2.0.

If you can read one or more of these and submit patches to update them, please reply to claim one so that there's no more than one person at a time working on one.